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Facebook currently has over 500 million active users.  70% of those users live outside of the United States. There are currently 265 million Facebook users that play social games.  (Facebook Statistics, Facebook Game Statistics)

The new question is, can Facebook’s global network of gamers be harnessed to crowdsource solutions to global issues?

Global Mind Games is launching a new Facebook game during the 2010 Global Entrepreneurship Week (Nov 15-21).  The new game GiG (Global Innovation Game) will center around global challenges such as world health care, sustainable energy, access to food and clean drinking water.  Players post evidence based solutions to the challenged posed and the community votes on the validity of those solutions.

GiG allows players to test out strategies and potential business ventures, learn how to position ideas to a global market, and showcase their talent within the technology, social start-up, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) spaces.  Much like innovation challenges and casing competitions GiG could be the next opportunity to raise visibility or clout with potential employers.  Moreover, as someone who has played quite a few Facebook games, I love the idea of a new Facebook game that involves more than clicking buttons!


Finovate 2010 Best in Show winner PayNearMe offers cash based consumers a cool new way to purchase items online.  Consumers can now purchase an item online and print a receipt.  The consumer can bring that receipt to a 7 Eleven, present the receipt and pay in cash.  Once the payment is made the online retailer is alerted immediately and the purchase is finalized.

PayNearMe currently has partnerships with Amazon, Facebook, and multiple companies that focuses on the Hispanic consumer market, among others.

Check it out at: http://www.paynearme.com/